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We Are Community

Join a community of hope where the therapeutic value of spirituality and medicine intersect to foster recovery and wellness. Summit is where you’ll connect with the people who will help you find your purpose.

It Takes Family

At Summit, the family is an integral part of a successful treatment plan.

Helping families with getting people into treatment, teaching them how to handle the relationship while the loved one is in treatment, then how they should manage when people leave treatment, are all critical to the long-term success of the treatment plan. And for added support during the treatment experience, we invite families to visit our community on Saturday mornings to attend sessions and seminars on addiction and treatment, with the goal of better understanding the mind of the addict, and how recovery is working for them.

The work we do with families is all part of a re-engineering of trust that has been broken. And we know that a healthy reintegration in the family is the first step to a broader reintegration into society.

Life at Summit

Life Enrichment, Workforce Development & Healthy Reintegration

The life enrichment program at Summit is all about helping people re-learn, or learn for the first time, to do the things they love, or maybe didn’t know they loved – be it art, music, sports, the outdoors, faith – it’s all about helping someone find their purpose in life while becoming comfortable with their past.

Enrichment can lead to greater clarity on the path to healing, but they sometimes need something more practical to complement this journey. When you’ve been removed from regular life for so long, you may forget how to write a resume, interview for a job, get a credit card or open a checking account, along with many other routine activities that many of us take for granted. You need a different level of service for reintegration and self-sustainability.

In these situations, Summit’s workforce development program can provide invaluable help. From the basic adult education track, to financial counseling and classes, all the way to industry-specific technical training, college support, and barrier removal services. There’s also resume tutoring, mock interviews, computer classes, workplace etiquette, and leadership development. For so many who have been struggling with substance use disorder, many of the social determinants of their health include access to many of these basic services. Learning, or re-learning, these life skills, can often mean the failure or success of a person’s long term recovery.

Ultimately, each guest at Summit receives an individualized plan that is customized to their specific needs, including the right time for re-integration into society. This contradicts many treatment centers that have a pre-determined length of program that is applied to each person. We know that every human being is different, and forcing everyone into a set timeline is not always a formula for consistent success.